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  • Wow!

    I have been doing the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour for six years now.  The first two in the West, the next three in the East (including last years bumper crop) and this year in the West.  Until today, the most samples I ever saw on one route over 200 bushels was last year through […]


  • The ProFarmer Midwest Crop Tour

    This will be my sixth year in a row of doing the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop tour.  My first two years I did the western leg, the last three were on the eastern leg and this year I go back and tour the western leg.  Here is a map from Pro Farmer showing the locations […]


  • Who Was Closer – CBO or Paul?

    The USDA yesterday released data on the sign up for ARC and PLC by all of the covered crops.  As expected from our posts before on the subject, most of the corn and soybean acres signed up for ARC-CO versus PLC.  Summarizing some of the major crops as follows: Of the crops on the table, […]


  • Where’s Waldo (Paul)?

    My children used to like to take a look at the books featuring “Where’s Waldo?”.  My four boys would race to see who could find him first (they usually beat mom and dad to it too).  Once I started doing more traveling, many of my staff will now ask “Where’s Waldo/Paul?”.  So this post will […]


  • Ethanol Industry Approaches 1 Million Barrels a Day Production

    The Barrel is a blog done by Platts (a division of McGraw Hill) and their recent post indicated that Ethanol production is approaching 1 million barrels a day.  This equates to about 42 million gallons a day.  Ethanol margins have nearly doubled from 2013 and are approaching $1 per gallon. However, with the continued decrease […]


  • The Effect of Premium Subsidies on Crop Insurance Demand

    The Economic Research Service of the USDA periodically releases reports on various items related to agriculture.  This month, they released a report on the “The Effects of Premium Subsidies on Demand for Crop Insurance“.  The actual report is about 30 pages long and has a very detailed regression analysis for about 10 pages of the […]


  • FSA Releases New Farm Bill Fact Sheet

    The FSA released today a six page fact sheet on the new farm bill.  It recaps the major changes that were included in the 900+ page farm bill.  Most of the material has been covered on several of our posts over the last month or so. We are doing a webinar on the new farm bill […]


  • If Corn Drops a $1, How Much Does Farmland Prices Drop?

    AgriBank, which is owned by 17 affiliated Farm Credit Associations primarily located in corn belt states issued a 14 page analysis of farmland values and the effect on these values if commodity prices decrease or interest rates rise.  Their analysis included regression studies and here are some of the conclusions: If net farm income or […]


  • Day 2 & 3 of the NW Co-Op Council Meetings

    David Enquist from our Moses Lake, Washington office is providing the following recap of day 2 and 3 of the NW Co-Op Council annual meeting. Days 2 had presentations focusing on succession planning, reputation management, talent management, and an awards banquet. The succession and talent management presentations tied in very well together as properly identifying […]


  • MidWest Crop Tour

    Just letting everyone know that I am leaving bright and early tomorrow morning to fly to Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Chris Barron is picking me up at the airport and we are then headed to Columbus, Ohio.  We will spend the night in Bloomington, Illinois (most likely) and then meet up with about 100 scouts in […]


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