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  • Cotton-Harvester

    “Generic” Base Acres

    If you are a cotton farmer, what you plant may increase your ARC-CO payments. For all other farmers, it does not matter.


  • Peasant and business man talking on wheat field during harvesting

    Remember ARC-CO Payments Are Not Contingent on Planted Acres

    There is some confusion on whether ARC-CO payments are made based on what you plant.


  • Advisor-Working-with-Client

    USDA to Issue $7 Billion of Program Payments

    The USDA announced over $7 billion of ARC and PLC payments yesterday. Our blog shows some of the highlights of the announcement.


  • Asian or Chinese business colleagues. Professional Lawyer or business team outside a Colonial building.

    US Farm Economy Continues to Sputter

    The Kansas City Federal Reserve just released their latest Ag Economy update and it continues to get bleaker.


  • Advisor-Client-Reviewing

    KSU/Washburn University – Part Two

    I recap additional discussions at the first annual Ag Symposium held in Manhattan, Kansas.


  • Man-Driving-Tractor-in-Field

    Is Full Overtime Pay Headed Your Way?

    California requires time and a half overtime once a farm worker exceeds 10 hours in a day or 60 hours in a wage. Governor Jerry Brown just passed a law changing this to 8 hours or 40 hours per week on a phased in basis beginning in 2019. Is it coming to the state that you operate in?


  • Girl-Feeding-Calf-in-Barn

    USDA to Buy 11 Million Pounds of Cheese and Extend Dairy MPP Deadline

    The USDA announced yesterday that it will buy 11 million pounds of cheese for approximately $20 million to help dairy farmers combat a cheese glut. The 2014 Farm Bill had authorized the USDA to purchase certain dairy products when margins got low. Currently, the margins are not quite to that level, however, the USDA has certain flexibility regarding what they can do to help.


  • Milking-Parlor-Worker

    Dairy Margin Protection Program Finally Makes Payments to More Producers

    The 2014 Farm Bill created a new program for dairy producers to lock in certain margins for their operations. The margin was calculated as the difference between the National All Milk price and a feed factor based upon the price of corn, soybean meal and alfalfa hay. Producers could lock in margins between $4 per cwt (no premium would be owed) up to $8 per cwt in 50 cent increments. The vast majority of dairy producers elected the $4 per cwt coverage level for both 2014-2016. They could elect to cover between 25% and 90% of their margin.


  • Advisor-With-Seniors-Table

    Details Matter!

    As stress builds in the farm sector, care must be taken if the farmer is considering filing for Chapter 12 bankruptcy. This type of bankruptcy was specifically put into law to help farmers reorganize their debts and continue farming.


  • Advisor-Working-with-Client

    Ongoing Need for Farm Financing is Pressuring Farmers

    The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City released their second quarter Agricultural Finance Databook¬† and as expected, the need for operating loans for farmers over a continued period of time is weighing on farmers.¬† Here is my analysis regarding the charts and information provided in the databook. Chart 1 shows the percentage change in Number […]


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